More Languages, More Security:

Coverity 7.7 Takes On Web Applications



The latest release of the Coverity software testing platform raises the bar for software testing solutions. View the webcast to learn about new capabilities that will help you improve the quality and security of your software—whether developed in-house or assembled from code developed by teams around the world. 

Our 7.7 release provides enhancements across the board, expanding the Coverity platform to now include:

  • Coverage for JavaScript

  • Coverage for Objective-C

  • Security coverage for C#

  • Security reporting for development supply chain

  • Support for MISRA coding standards

Featured Speaker


Jon Jarboe, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys, has been improving software development tools for over 20 years, in contexts ranging from embedded systems to enterprise applications.  He is a passionate advocate for the quality, security, and productivity benefits of disciplined software testing throughout the SDLC.  He greatly enjoys his role in the Synopsys software group, which provides the opportunity to understand the challenges faced by development teams, to influence the development of tools to address those challenges, and to help others understand how disciplined testing can improve development velocity and agility while simultaneously improving quality, security, and efficiency.



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